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Weekend music.

Another favourite songs, courtesy of Mr. Keith Richards of a little band called the Rolling Stones. I like the idea of doing one of these vids each weekend, so maybe I’ll keep it going for a while.


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Last minute costume.

We went to a party a few days back but didn’t realize until the last minute that everyone that was attending was doing so in costume. So originally we had planned to forgo the costume idea, but at the last minute decided to say ” Why not? Let’s dress up!”

Literally last minute, about two hours before we were due to arrive at the host’s house. So I looked around the house to see what I had, and a set of butterfly wings and some Max Factor eyelashes later I was set to go.


MAC makeup comes in handy in a pinch.


Nick grabbed a blazer, a cane (that he customized by painting flames on it) and a bottle of “vicodin”, which was a pill bottle filled with Good & Plentys. So, two hours and zero dollars later, Dr. Greg House and the butterfly were on their way.



The funny thing about Nick’s costume was that not a lot of people realized who he was supposed to be, and since he was walking around with the cane (and limp, Nick was very committed to the role) everyone kept opening doors for him and saying “no, no, after you” and “here let me get that for you”. I suppose that just means there’s good people in the world. So a good evening was had, and no money spent on costumes. How’s that for recessionistic?

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Less is more.


from Canadian House and Home

I love sparsely decorated homes. My ideal home would be painted bright white with accent walls of bold colours and the design would be totally minimalist. The less stuff there is surrounding me, the clearer my head feels. I’m also a bit of a neat freak, so it makes sense that the less stuff there is in my home, the less stuff I’ll have to tidy up.


from Canadian House and Home

I’m interested in the increase in the popularity of the less-is-more mentality in homes and design. I’m not sure if it’s that people are talking about it more, or if it actually is becoming more widespread. Part of it may be due to the recession, and that some people are turning towards appreciating what they have versus seeking out the ‘new and improved’. I do still believe that a lot of people have not taken to heart the main lesson behind the recession, which is to appreciate what we have (not just financially, but family, friends, our homes, pets, etc) instead of pining over the latest electronics/clothing/knick knacks. I think a lot of people out in the world are still very ‘stuff-focused’, not that that’s a condemnable thing; I do understand that the need to surround ourselves with things is often related to preserving memories and serving unmet emotional needs. Society has taught us that self-worth is tied in to how much stuff we have and if we can one-up our friends by acquiring the latest ‘it’ item. But back to my point, that the recession is a good wake-up call for people to remember that there once was a time when you made things yourself, fixed things, re-used instead of tossed out, and appreciated what you have instead of pouting over what you want.

More on this subject here.

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How cute is this?

One patient little dog….


Waiting for his Papa to get home.


How cute is that?

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Sunday hike.

photo by Nick Thornton

photo by Nick Thornton

We’re doing well keeping up with our fall list, we’ve been to see the Tibetan sand mandala exhibition (if you ever get a chance to see this in person, GO! Words cannot describe. And also they wouldn’t let me take photos in the art gallery. Sigh.) and this past Sunday we checked off “Go for a hike up Lone Tree Hill”. I have the sore thighs to prove it.


It’s a beautiful mountain to hike and it was great exercise. Sherlock made Nick and I look bad, he was running up and down the mountain and would occasionally stop and stare at us, as if to say “What’s the hold-up? C’mon guys, PICK UP THE PACE!”


The sky was gray and it started raining on our way back down, so the photos aren’t as spectacular as I hoped. But the view from the top certainly is spectacular and worth the hike. It’s high enough that you can see 360 degrees out to the mountains across the water and all of Victoria in the distance. At the top you’re above the sounds of traffic and sirens, and the air is crisp and cold and smells of wood smoke. Gorgeous.

I’m hoping we can do this hike every week or so, not just for the exercise for us and for the four-legged beast, but because it helps to break up the cycle stress and bustle during the week. I feel like I need to try to keep more balance in life to keep from getting overwhelmed and downtrodden as life gets more and more hectic. It’s so easy to get swept up in the “to-dos” and deadlines and forget to take time to check in with yourself and your loved ones. I suppose that that’s another thing to add to my own personal list: take more time. There’s always a few minutes available in the day to give that extra hug, ask about someone’s day, or sip some tea on the porch and breathe in the crisp fall air. It’s always, always worth it.

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Weekend music.

This is a quirky little tune, with rough lyrics that I guarantee will be stuck in your head after you listen to it. The interesting thing about this song is the amount of controversy it has raised. Some think that it’s just a catchy pop-punk tune, whereas others have argued that it’s a satire of domestic abuse.

What’s your take?

(editor’s note: anyone else notice that Florence looks a lot like Feist?)

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Oh, pumpkin.

I am so making these.

from Gourmet Magazine

from Gourmet Magazine

From the soon-to-be defunct Gourmet Magazine. The recipe calls for gingersnap cookies, so I’ll either buy some ready made gluten free ones, or maybe make some homemade. Recipe for gluten free gingersnaps here.

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