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Sleepy days.

Spring is on the way! Sherlock has been slowly coming out of his hibernation but still spends most of his time snuggled up in bed. However, the days haveĀ  been getting longer and brighter so we’ve been out for more hikes on the weekends. Hence why this little bear is sound asleep, all tuckered out.


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Our much-loved mutt.

Some people are cat-people, some are kid-focused people, and some are dog-people. I am most certainly, without a doubt, firmly entrenched in crazy-dog-lady territory. I bake homemade organic dog biscuits. I go nuts over adorable dog beds and toys instead of baby stuff. I have ridiculously cutesy (and lame, to outsiders I’m sure) nicknames for him INCLUDING, I kid you not, Wuggums, Buggums, Snookeroo, Bugsy, Sherlywerly and Honkums. If I owned a house (and if Nick would allow it) we’d have about 126 well-loved and much-spoiled canines running around the place. I can’t wait until we have a stable income and place of our own so that we can adopt another dog to keep Sherlock company. I’d love to get a big dog, but since our next place is more than likely going to be an apartment, we may have to find a dog similar in size to our current mutt (about 20lbs). Or a greyhound. They’re small…ish.

My point is, if you are also firmly entrenched in crazy-dog-person territory (viva la resistance!) I invite you to check out some of the beautiful dogs available through the many rescue groups here in Victoria. Even if you yourself are not in the market for a pup, you may know a friend who is.

Some of the sites I check (too) regularly are:

Dog Bless

Mosaic Rescue

Victoria Adoptables

Mexi-Mutt Rescue

Mex-Can Dog Rescue

Furever After Dog Rescue

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This weekend we did a little exploring, as usual. We try to do at least 2-3 long hikes during the week and then a daily walk around the neighbourhood with Sherlock so that we all get enough fresh air and exercise. And so, for your consideration, I give you some photos of our weekend stroll on the beach with Sherlock. The beach is along the coast near the city, and looks out across the Salish Sea to the mountains in Washington State.

The water is crystal clear and also very, very cold. The beach is covered in polished stones and oddly enough, makeshift shelters that people have constructed out of driftwood. I didn’t take a photo of the driftwood “house” we passed because the inhabitant was out front and didn’t seem like he wanted company. Next time, next time…

It’s a popular beach for dog-walking, and although lots of dogs hit the water for a polar bear swim, Sherlock was dubious. He got into the water to about halfway up his legs and then promptly barked at the water and jumped back onto the beach. It’s strange that he has webbed toes, but doesn’t seem to much like the idea of swimming.

The light at the beach was beautiful, the sky was gray but there was so much light reflecting off the water that it was still bright enough to take photos. I think my favourite is the one above, in which it appears Sherlock is approaching the edge of oblivion.

How was your weekend?

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Ol’ iron gut.

This little angel got into an entire box of dark Baker’s chocolate and lived to tell the tale. Apparently no one passed on the memo that chocolate is supposed to be dangerous for certain breeds of dogs. Granted, he had no pupils to speak of and ran around the house in a deranged state for at least two hours. Oh, and then threw up. While we had guests over.

“Everyone, meet Sherlock. Sherlock, everyone. Sherlock…NO! NO! NOT ON THAT RUG!”

Le sigh.

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To continue on my baking spree, I made homemade biskies for Sherlock. My mother bought me an organic dog biscuit cookbook that came with dog-inspired cookie cutters.

So Sherlock (the lucky ducky) got a batch of “finger-lickin’ chicken” biskies in the shape of bones, squirrels and fire hydrants. Spoiled brat.

They’re super simple to make, and took almost no time at all. I used a food processor to mince the chicken leftovers from in the fridge. This is a crucial step, as it makes the biscuit dough easier to work with and the chicken more evenly distributed between the biscuits (which I’m assuming is important to biskie connoisseurs such as Sherlock). One thing the book suggests, and that I agree with, is to wear gloves when handling the meats involved. Some of the recipes call for tuna and liver so I’d wear gloves to avoid having to scrub that smell off of your hands.

I baked the cookies for 27 minutes when they were nice and crunchy and golden brown.

Sherlock waited in rapt fascination by the oven until they were done.


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Sherlock’s famous! See here. He’s already wearing big sunglasses and requesting champagne mimosas in his water dish.

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How cute is this?

One patient little dog….


Waiting for his Papa to get home.


How cute is that?

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