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found via Apartment Therapy (I think)

This, in large poster form. On the wall of my new (and at this point, theoretical) apartment, possibly above my white sofa. And yes, I’m decorating an apartment in my head that doesn’t exist yet. A lady has to keep out of trouble somehow.


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A much anticipated package arrived yesterday.

I LOVE THIS NECKLACE. I found it on cookoorikoo’s Etsy shop, and had to have it. It arrived yesterday and I adore it. It also came with a coupon for 15% off my next purchase…which means I am dearly tempted to pick out the other one I had my eye on (below). It is almost my birthday after all…maybe I should treat myself?

wildflower yoyo necklace from cookoorikoo's Etsy shop

While we’re on the topic of necklaces, I also love these two from Roundabout’s Etsy shop.

lotus necklace from roundabout's Etsy shop

lotus necklace from roundabout's Etsy shop

And this one…

sparrow necklace from roundabout's Etsy shop

I suppose a lady only needs so many necklaces though, and I’m someone who definitely hates to accumulate a lot of anything, so I’ll just browse for now and enjoy the beautiful necklace I already have on!

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Macy’s scores.

from Country Living

While in the states this past weekend I picked up a couple ornaments for my small but much-adored ornament stash. While wandering through the massive xmas section at Macy’s and perusing the many tree themes (including a girly-feather obsession and one that consisted entirely of cowboy paraphernalia) I found some inspiration for my tree at home. My dream xmas tree would be a mix of white and vintage ornaments, with white fairy lights, similar to the dreamy one above. Actually, while I’m dreaming, let’s just take the whole room. Swap out the coffee table for a more modern one and we’d have a deal. And maybe use the spinning wheel for kindling.

I think my two new additions to the xmas collection would be perfect on a tree like the one above.

I make no effort to hide my love of owls, so two owls were exactly what I came home with. The white owl is soft and plush, so will have to be hidden far up in the high boughs to prevent  a certain canine from claiming him as his new chewie.

The second was a little vintage fellow which I’ve decided to name Morris. He just looks like a Morris.

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Can I make this?

from Etsy shop brandensams

I mean, without swearing and throwing craft tools? This wreath is gorgeous, but unfortunately out of my price range (especially when shipping to Canada is factored in…ouch!). Plus I think that this particular wreath is also sold out. Darn. This Etsy shop has beautiful and eye-popping wreaths, and I desperately want to replicate one. I’m not one for traditional red & green xmas colours, so the stark white/blue/silver combination of this one is a dream come true.

from Etsy shop brandensams

This one is gorgeous too…and I’m certain that if I dug around in my mother’s endless (and I mean endless) stores of xmas decorations I’d find some colourful xmas balls that would work in a wreath like this. Then all I’d need would be yarn and styrofoam balls.

I think I’ll set out to make something like this this week, and if it works (i.e. no swearing or throwing of things) I’ll post pictures and instructions on here. If you would rather score one of these beauties without the work involved, then visit Etsy and search brandensams shop.

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It’s nearly December?

from Design*Sponge

Things have been crazy around here lately, so much to do to wrap up this last semester. Papers and presentations are the bane of my existence at the moment but it shall soon be over. Two more weeks and I’ll be finished the last of my academic semesters, and I’ll be in the home stretch for graduation. Ahhhh, how beautiful is that?

We’re also planning a big holiday dinner for our close and much-loved friends, so that’s going to be keeping me busy once school is finished. I can’t wait! Dinners are the best way to celebrate the holidays. All of the food, drink and company that I love without any of the shopping and stressing. As for the actual holiday, I’m doing the usual and either forgoing gifts this year or making things (like baking or crafts) like I did last year. It’s so much more fun to make something than to head out to the mall and fight the crowds. Another idea I’m fond of is making donations in someone’s name, such as through World Vision or another local charity (Women’s Transition House and the BCSPCA come to mind). I think that donations and baking are the way I’m going to go this year, I just find that I feel so much happier about giving people something they can enjoy that won’t take up space on a shelf or in a closet. But that’s just me, it’s no secret that I have an anti-stuff agenda. 😉

Either way I’ll try to keep posting as I wrap up these last two crazy weeks, and then I’m sure I’ll keep busy with all kinds of projects and adventures. I’d like to do a couple projects with some other people as well, so I may have to recruit a few of you to join in (Marie, I’m looking at you….).

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Accent wall.

We recently painted the bedroom that we’ve been staying in (the guest room at my parent’s house) and now that it’s finished I’m happy with the results, but the colour turned out a bit….beige.  I’m wishing I had painted one wall an accent colour to make things more dramatic, something like the bedrooms in these photos.

AT bdrm

from Apartment Therapy

I used Chocolate Froth by Behr (similar to the beige walls in the photo above) and expected a slightly darker colour. It needs a bit more. The only problem is that the room is a funny shape and there isn’t a way to position the bed so that you face it head on when you enter the room. So there can be no real accent wall.

Domino bedroom inspiration 3

from Domino

I suppose it doesn’t have to be the wall behind the bed, like in this shot from Domino. Even a dark bit of colour on another wall would give it some interest.


from Design Sponge

I love this colour so much. I can’t wait to paint something dark gray.

Domino bedroom inspiration

I love this charcoal room. It’s just so beautiful, especially with all-white bedding (which we already have). I’m counting down the months until this degree is finished (4.5 months to go!) and we can move into a place of our again. Preferably one that we can paint…

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Etsy art.

One of the most exciting things about getting a new (eventual) apartment is the decorating. I love rummaging through my art stores and bringing out pieces that perfectly fit the space. I can’t say that I’m not thinking of investing in some new pieces though, especially with such fabulous options as these.

I don’t even like pink but I LOVE this print.


from Yumi Yumi's Etsy Shop

Oh! But they have one in blue and orange…




from Yumi Yumi's Etsy Shop

I’d love this one over my desk or near the kitchen table.


And this one in a white Ikea Ribba frame.

theblackappleSo many options, only so many walls…

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