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More retail temptations.

Most of my posts lately have been of a fluffy variety, but I don’t really care. It’s gray and awful outside, so I’m posting about things that are fabulous and cheerful. I save all my deeply political and important conversations for morning coffee with Nick. So, continuing in the fluffy theme, I found THIS website. These dresses will be my financial undoing! They’re just so fabulous. This website has a section of actual vintage items, but they’re usually one-of-a-kind and sell quite quickly. Their new but vintage-inspired section of dresses is far, far too tempting. And don’t even look at the shoe section. Goodbye first new job paycheque…

Golden Days dress from Mod Cloth

This one is a definite favourite.

Lost in Grace dress from Mod Cloth

This is just so classy.

Style Promotion from Mod Cloth

To die for.

Betsey Johnson from Mod Cloth


Ginger Dress from Mod Cloth

And finally, this one. This is the coup de gras, my favourite of them all! I have to have it. I don’t care if I already have a couple (five) polka dresses in my closet. None of them look like this one. All my others are slim-lined and black with white polka dots. And yes, that is reason enough to add a sixth to the wardrobe.


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Vintage dresses.

from Small Earth Vintage's Etsy Shop

I need to start sewing my own clothes again. Every now and then I’ll bust out the sewing machine and make something, and I’m always so happy with the result. But then I go months without doing it! Silly me. I’d love to have something like the dress above, but with little cap sleeves instead of the 3/4 length style. Since deciding I need to start making clothing again, I went on a little web search of some dress styles that I like. A dangerous thing happened. I found this website. DANGEROUS I TELL YOU.

from Posh Girl Vintage.com

This is beautiful, especially if you paired it with some white peep-toe flats.

from Posh Girl Vintage.com

Oh, and I have the perfect shoes to wear with this one, black peep-toe heels with satin bows on the backs of the heels.


And…ohhhh this one.


Excuse me while I go hyperventilate into this paper bag.

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A much anticipated package arrived yesterday.

I LOVE THIS NECKLACE. I found it on cookoorikoo’s Etsy shop, and had to have it. It arrived yesterday and I adore it. It also came with a coupon for 15% off my next purchase…which means I am dearly tempted to pick out the other one I had my eye on (below). It is almost my birthday after all…maybe I should treat myself?

wildflower yoyo necklace from cookoorikoo's Etsy shop

While we’re on the topic of necklaces, I also love these two from Roundabout’s Etsy shop.

lotus necklace from roundabout's Etsy shop

lotus necklace from roundabout's Etsy shop

And this one…

sparrow necklace from roundabout's Etsy shop

I suppose a lady only needs so many necklaces though, and I’m someone who definitely hates to accumulate a lot of anything, so I’ll just browse for now and enjoy the beautiful necklace I already have on!

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I crocheted a toque! For the first time ever, I actually managed to make something that wasn’t a too-short scarf. A friend from school showed me how to make it, and then my lovely aunt Linda taught me how to finish off the hat neatly. It’s so comfortable, I have a feeling I’m going to make many more. I’m also going to make some as xmas gifts for folks I like. I definitely prefer giving and receiving handmade things, because there’s effort and consideration put into each gift. Plus it’s such a little luxury to have someone go to the trouble of making something for you, and that seems to have been forgotten in modern times.

from Etsy's House of Hemp Shop

I want to see if I can crochet a large cowl. I want to try to make one like this, although this idea seems highly ambitious.

from Etsy Shop: Lesha's Workshop

Also, legwarmers. These are so great.

from Etsy shop: Shelby Rose

But above all, I must learn to crochet fingerless gloves. I’d wear them with everything, and it would make winter so much more bearable. Plus, you can’t use an iPhone wth gloves on, so it’s a constant game of take-gloves-off-send-text-put-gloves-back-on. Hm, upon re-reading that last line I realize that that’s a ridiculous thing to complain about, but I digress…

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from Art.com

from Art.com

As I’ve written about in recent posts, I’m trying to replace items in my home and wardrobe as they wear out with things that are made locally and with sustainable practices. I have a few pieces in my wardrobe that are organic cotton/bamboo blends and oh my, are they heavenly soft. I’ve recently run low on underwear, thanks to a certain doggie who tends to shred laundry, and am trying to find some that are bamboo or similar fabric. I’m trying to find some that aren’t: A) wildly expensive or B) granny-ish in any sense of the word.

Anyone seen anything like that anywhere??

(Edit: I did find one style I liked, and they’re even made locally here in Victoria, BC. They’re just so darned expensive…$45 USD for three pairs? Not on my budget.  Also by this same seller, I want these pants!)

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Vintage fair.


Saturday morning I braved the rainstorm (hurricane worthy if you ask me) to head down to a Vintage Fair that a friend (thanks Claire!) tipped me off about. We managed to attend despite the rain and dove into the racks and tables of some beautiful vintage clothes, jewellry and housewares. I was initially really excited about the fair, but when we got there it was a bit of a zoo. There were about 25 vendor tables crammed into a tiny room, so that racks were overlapping racks and you had to fit through tiny openings in the crowd in order to get near a table. Sort of like tetris, but with shoppers.

Despite the crowd, I persevered and snagged a couple of sweet finds. I’ve been looking for a yellow beaded necklace for a while now to provide a pop of colour against all the gray pieces in my wardrobe, and because I LOVE gray and yellow together. This one was only $1!


This paint-by-number painting is a going to be my next rainy day project. I’m going to paint the frame white and hang it in our temporary bedroom (i.e. family guestroom). This sweet thing came home with me for only $5.  Love it.


The show was a worthwhile endeavour, but I hope that the next time they put it on they find a larger venue. Also, a lot of the items weren’t vintage at all; there were items from the 1980s-2000s, so it’d be nice to have a true ‘vintage’ fair with older items.  I’m keeping an eye out for the next show, if I find out about any others I’ll post them on here.

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