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Pesto Portobello Mushrooms

I love this recipe. It’s from a vegetarian recipe book that my mother gave Nick for Christmas, and it’s one of the fastest and yummiest dinners I’ve had recently. It only takes a few minutes to prepare (also why I love portobello mushrooms instead of meat) and a few minutes to cook. It’s a healthy and absolutely delish meal. Which is why I’ve eaten it many, many times in the last few weeks.

Take your portobello mushrooms (1-2 per person, although 1 was enough for me) and clean them.

Remove the stem and brush a small amount of olive oil onto the underside of the mushroom cap.

In a food processor, mix bread crumbs (mine were gluten free) and some pesto paste together until the mixture is moist but fluffy (like couscous).

Place a spoonful or two of the pesto-bread crumb mixture to each of the mushroom caps and place them on a baking sheet.

Add some on-the-vine tomatoes to the baking sheet and put the whole tray in the oven at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes. Enjoy!


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Tea flavoured chocolate.

from Choclatea via AT

I love science. Or maybe it’s gastronomy. Either way I’m going to try to make tea-flavoured chocolate sometime soon. Oooh, can you imagine Earl Grey chocolate?

I’m continuing my AWOL-tendencies on account of it being my birthday week, so off I go, into a merry weekend of revelry and fine (ha!) wine. Enjoy your weekend!

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Easy/yummy/healthy dinner.

We tried out this recipe recently, and yum! Such a nice light but satisfying meal. The recipe I linked to is slightly different, but I couldn’t find the original recipe on Rachel Ray’s website. I got the recipe out of my mother’s Rachel Ray cookbook. Either way this meal was delish, and we even made a substitution of halibut for salmon, but it was still amazing. Definitely worth a try.

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To continue on my baking spree, I made homemade biskies for Sherlock. My mother bought me an organic dog biscuit cookbook that came with dog-inspired cookie cutters.

So Sherlock (the lucky ducky) got a batch of “finger-lickin’ chicken” biskies in the shape of bones, squirrels and fire hydrants. Spoiled brat.

They’re super simple to make, and took almost no time at all. I used a food processor to mince the chicken leftovers from in the fridge. This is a crucial step, as it makes the biscuit dough easier to work with and the chicken more evenly distributed between the biscuits (which I’m assuming is important to biskie connoisseurs such as Sherlock). One thing the book suggests, and that I agree with, is to wear gloves when handling the meats involved. Some of the recipes call for tuna and liver so I’d wear gloves to avoid having to scrub that smell off of your hands.

I baked the cookies for 27 minutes when they were nice and crunchy and golden brown.

Sherlock waited in rapt fascination by the oven until they were done.


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Cupcake fervor.

So this past weekend, I attended a dessert potluck at my lovely friend Stacey’s place. I brought cupcakes, Nick brought the champagne and Stacey made some absolutely to-die-for desserts. The other guests brought equally delicious fare, and so a deliciously decadent calorie-fest ensued.

I used the recipe for icing from a previous post of mine, using 4 tablespoons Crisco (can be substituted with butter), 1 tablespoon of real vanilla and two cups of icing sugar. I coloured them pink and blue and added a healthy (really?) dose of sprinkles.

This reminds me! There’s a lone straggler cupcake hiding in fridge! Not for long…

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Well! I’m finished the last academic semester of my degree! Only 12 weeks of clinical practice and I’ll be finished my entire Bachelor’s in Nursing degree. Words can hardly express how happy I am to be so close to the end. The above photo was taken after Nick and I reached the top of an absolutely grueling hike, which symbolically is not unlike nursing school.¬† It doesn’t matter that halfway through I wanted to give up, and I reached the top wheezing and slightly dizzy. Also I couldn’t feel my legs. But the point is I got there, in one piece and with (most) of my sanity intact.

So, in order to celebrate, a few things are in order:

  • sleep! Possibly for several days. I may even just make a nest of blankets in my bedroom and hibernate there until I see fit to reenter the civilized world.
  • bake! I’m planning on baking for a dessert potluck that’s coming up, baking for Nick and I and also baking up some Xmas gifts. I’m sticking to my handmade pledge and so I’m baking up a whole bunch of different delectables (I’ll post photos here and include recipes, I promise).
  • crochet! I’ve been making some winter woolies for myself and also as Xmas gifts for family members. I’ll post more on that this week as well, I’ve got a few projects already finished and some others on the go.
  • take photographs. I have been taking more in an effort to expand my photographic abilities, but with the last few weeks consumed with school work it’s been difficult to get out with my camera and experiment like I planned to.

So, a glorious weekend of revelry awaits and I’m going to go and enjoy it. Enjoy yours as well!

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5 minute soup.


This soup came to be after¬† today turned gray and the temperature started to drop. I stood shivering in front of my fridge looking to make something to warm me up. I searched around and found vegetable broth, tofu and a few veggies. This is one of those easy soups that just calls for whatever you have in your fridge at that moment. It’s quick, warm and very satisfying.


5 Minute Soup

  • 2-3 cups vegetable (or chicken) broth
  • 1/4 block of extra-firm tofu cut into bite-sized squares
  • 1 cup chopped celery (or whatever is in your fridge)
  • 2 tablespoons chopped onion
  • 2-3 handfuls of spinach leaves
  • 2-3 tablespoons soy sauce (I use Bragg’s because it’s gluten-free)
  • spices to taste (I threw in some cayenne pepper just to be outrageous)

Directions: chop, put in pot, heat for 10 minutes or so.

As you can tell by my instructions, I am not an exact cook. These are approximations of the random quantities I tossed in. I put in whatever seems right and add whatever spices come to mind. This is the part of cooking I like, experimenting and seeing what comes of it.

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