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found via Apartment Therapy (I think)

This, in large poster form. On the wall of my new (and at this point, theoretical) apartment, possibly above my white sofa. And yes, I’m decorating an apartment in my head that doesn’t exist yet. A lady has to keep out of trouble somehow.


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January? Where did you go?

photo by Nick Thornton

How did it become nearly halfway through January without my noticing? Gracious! I’ve been busier than a bee lately (however  a very productive bee) and looking forward to the next 2.5 months. I’ve taken on quite a bit with my full-time practicum and now another breastfeeding consultation/support course (more to plump up the ol’ resume). Simultaneously we’ve been planning our move, and this weekend we’re heading over to Vancouver to visit friends and walk around some neighbourhoods that have been recommended to us. I’ve heard time and time again that if you want to get an idea of an area, just take a day and wander around the neighbourhood to see if it suits your lifestyle and needs. If we find an area we like, we’ll then start searching for an apartment within our price range in the area.

Our needs include:

  • dog-friendly: pretty much the most important. Bringing Sherlock isn’t negotiable, he goes where we go.
  • within walking distance (or short bus ride) to work for me: I’d like to stop using my car as much as possible, both for ecological and economical reasons.
  • on a good bus route to UBC for Nick.
  • reasonable rent: although I’m hoping to be working full-time, Nick will be in school, so no $2000/month apartments.

Our wishlist: (I’m allowed to dream…)

  • wood floors: even laminate would be fine, I just loathe carpeting. It’s tough to clean and holds so much dust and dirt, and it’s allergen central.
  • near a park or other greenspace: both for us and for taking Sherlock for his daily promenade.
  • light & bright: windows in our last apartment didn’t really cut it. Lots of natural light would be ideal, especially here on the West Coast where you can many many many days of rain.

I’m very excited for this weekend, maybe we’ll at least find a neighbourhood we like and can start investigating further. Actually, I’m just excited to get out of town for a weekend. As always, I’ll take some photos of anything lovely or interesting and post them here for your enjoyment.

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Happy New Year!

I can't wait to go back to the mountains, this was taken while we were in Banff this past August.

Hope your holiday was relaxing and lovely. Mine certainly was, which is why I took such a long break. Back to it now, I suppose! The new year is here, and although there are frustrating things on the horizon (coming to mind are the Olympics and the suspension of Parliament until MARCH so as to try and let some controversies “disappear”…democracy? here in Canada? sorry, you must be mistaken) I think that this year has immense potential for positivity. I hope to accomplish a few things, not resolutions, but life goals.

  • Pass my RN examination: this is an essential step, as I can’t work as an RN unless I have certification.
  • Find a RN job in Vancouver that I like, not just one that will pay the bills. This will be a tough one, because I’m sure I’ll feel obligated to take the first job that comes along in order to pay the bills, but I’m going to try to hold out for something I feel that I will really enjoy. There isn’t any point in taking on a job I won’t like, no matter how tempting the offer may be.
  • Find an apartment in Vancouver (easier said than done, but I’m sure there has to be a decently-priced, dog-friendly, central apartment somewhere in Vancouver…right? Fingers crossed!
  • Travel! Even if I just get out of town for some short trips to the mountains and into the Okanogan wine country, I’d like to do some traveling while I save up for the next big trip.

These should be achievable, so I’m making those my goals for the year. Beyond that, any other good things that happen are just gravy. Have a safe and happy new year’s eve!

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It’s nearly December?

from Design*Sponge

Things have been crazy around here lately, so much to do to wrap up this last semester. Papers and presentations are the bane of my existence at the moment but it shall soon be over. Two more weeks and I’ll be finished the last of my academic semesters, and I’ll be in the home stretch for graduation. Ahhhh, how beautiful is that?

We’re also planning a big holiday dinner for our close and much-loved friends, so that’s going to be keeping me busy once school is finished. I can’t wait! Dinners are the best way to celebrate the holidays. All of the food, drink and company that I love without any of the shopping and stressing. As for the actual holiday, I’m doing the usual and either forgoing gifts this year or making things (like baking or crafts) like I did last year. It’s so much more fun to make something than to head out to the mall and fight the crowds. Another idea I’m fond of is making donations in someone’s name, such as through World Vision or another local charity (Women’s Transition House and the BCSPCA come to mind). I think that donations and baking are the way I’m going to go this year, I just find that I feel so much happier about giving people something they can enjoy that won’t take up space on a shelf or in a closet. But that’s just me, it’s no secret that I have an anti-stuff agenda. 😉

Either way I’ll try to keep posting as I wrap up these last two crazy weeks, and then I’m sure I’ll keep busy with all kinds of projects and adventures. I’d like to do a couple projects with some other people as well, so I may have to recruit a few of you to join in (Marie, I’m looking at you….).

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Accent wall.

We recently painted the bedroom that we’ve been staying in (the guest room at my parent’s house) and now that it’s finished I’m happy with the results, but the colour turned out a bit….beige.  I’m wishing I had painted one wall an accent colour to make things more dramatic, something like the bedrooms in these photos.

AT bdrm

from Apartment Therapy

I used Chocolate Froth by Behr (similar to the beige walls in the photo above) and expected a slightly darker colour. It needs a bit more. The only problem is that the room is a funny shape and there isn’t a way to position the bed so that you face it head on when you enter the room. So there can be no real accent wall.

Domino bedroom inspiration 3

from Domino

I suppose it doesn’t have to be the wall behind the bed, like in this shot from Domino. Even a dark bit of colour on another wall would give it some interest.


from Design Sponge

I love this colour so much. I can’t wait to paint something dark gray.

Domino bedroom inspiration

I love this charcoal room. It’s just so beautiful, especially with all-white bedding (which we already have). I’m counting down the months until this degree is finished (4.5 months to go!) and we can move into a place of our again. Preferably one that we can paint…

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Etsy art.

One of the most exciting things about getting a new (eventual) apartment is the decorating. I love rummaging through my art stores and bringing out pieces that perfectly fit the space. I can’t say that I’m not thinking of investing in some new pieces though, especially with such fabulous options as these.

I don’t even like pink but I LOVE this print.


from Yumi Yumi's Etsy Shop

Oh! But they have one in blue and orange…




from Yumi Yumi's Etsy Shop

I’d love this one over my desk or near the kitchen table.


And this one in a white Ikea Ribba frame.

theblackappleSo many options, only so many walls…

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Less is more.


from Canadian House and Home

I love sparsely decorated homes. My ideal home would be painted bright white with accent walls of bold colours and the design would be totally minimalist. The less stuff there is surrounding me, the clearer my head feels. I’m also a bit of a neat freak, so it makes sense that the less stuff there is in my home, the less stuff I’ll have to tidy up.


from Canadian House and Home

I’m interested in the increase in the popularity of the less-is-more mentality in homes and design. I’m not sure if it’s that people are talking about it more, or if it actually is becoming more widespread. Part of it may be due to the recession, and that some people are turning towards appreciating what they have versus seeking out the ‘new and improved’. I do still believe that a lot of people have not taken to heart the main lesson behind the recession, which is to appreciate what we have (not just financially, but family, friends, our homes, pets, etc) instead of pining over the latest electronics/clothing/knick knacks. I think a lot of people out in the world are still very ‘stuff-focused’, not that that’s a condemnable thing; I do understand that the need to surround ourselves with things is often related to preserving memories and serving unmet emotional needs. Society has taught us that self-worth is tied in to how much stuff we have and if we can one-up our friends by acquiring the latest ‘it’ item. But back to my point, that the recession is a good wake-up call for people to remember that there once was a time when you made things yourself, fixed things, re-used instead of tossed out, and appreciated what you have instead of pouting over what you want.

More on this subject here.

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