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from Soapopotamus's Etsy Shop

How amazing are these? I stumbled upon them while searching ‘toast’ on Etsy (Nick loves toast, and I wanted to see what ridiculousness was available in hand-crafted toast form). The seller also has toast-shaped soaps, donut-shaped soaps and rice krispie-shaped soaps. I showed them to Nick, thinking he’d love them, but he admitted he’d feel a little weird rubbing toast all over himself. That’s fair.

from Soapopotamus's Etsy Shop

Genious! Etsy is such a treasure trove. Also, there’s soaps in the shape of roasted chickens, but I’m not sure what to make of those just yet…


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Sleepy days.

Spring is on the way! Sherlock has been slowly coming out of his hibernation but still spends most of his time snuggled up in bed. However, the days haveĀ  been getting longer and brighter so we’ve been out for more hikes on the weekends. Hence why this little bear is sound asleep, all tuckered out.

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I need a vacation.

I am so incredibly busy lately it’s been a complete whirlwind. My daytimer is crammed full and I’ve had to put in seemingly obvious things like “walk the dog” and “do laundry” because I have so much going on that I’ll forget if I don’t schedule it in. I’m doing a practicum placement, taking an extremely in-depth breastfeeding course (for health care providers) and studying for my immunization certification exam. And that’s not including stressing about my RN exam, finding a job or finding an apartment. Oh and moving. Needless to say, I’m totally exhausted. I’d love to spent about four weeks lying on a beach, frying to a nice golden brown.

For now, I continue to work away, largely ignoring the blog (because I have to eat and shower at some point) and getting in quiet time when I can. I have decided to blog when I can, about what I want, and not feel guilty. I’m too busy to feel guilty.

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Boys and their toys.

Sherlock and his best-buddy Morley. Know how you can tell which is the real dog and which is stuffed? Morley only has one eye and a half chewed ear. Sherlock’s next dog is going to be made of kryptonite so that he can’t destroy it in the first seventeen seconds after it’s come out of the shopping bag.

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Under the weather.

from Arian's Etsy Shop

This print sums up this week nicely. Plus it’s adorable. It has an owl, and he’s using a mushroom as an umbrella! SOLD. I’ve been under the weather since Friday, with the cursory January cold that always seems to catch up to me no matter how many multivitamins I ingest or how fervently I swear, “Not this year!” It always, always catches up to me. And so, what can I do but stay in bed, with a hot cup of chai tea and a stack of books? To go out into the world would be putting everyone else at risk for this terrible cold. And so, I did the lazy noble thing and stayed home. There’s only one problem, I’m not very good at being sick. That is, I can stay in bed and let my body heal to an extent, and then maddening boredom sets in and I typically go tottering off, blanket wrapped around shoulders, in search of “things that need to be done”.

This is roughly how this morning went:

830 am: wake up, realize there is no way (barring assistance from a crane) that I can get out of bed. Call in sick to practicum.

845: manage to reach kitchen for glass of water and soy yoghurt. Glare at boyfriend for having passed the cold on to me. Return to bed. Find dog has taken my warm place, so I take the other side of the bed.

1045: wake up to dog slowly pushing me out of bed (how does he do this?! he only weighs 20lbs…). Sit in bed and read/doze.

1200: realize that if I stay in bed any longer, I may go mad. Toss blankets off, preparing to tackle the world. Fall back into bed realizing that sitting up makes me dizzy. Huff. Scowl. Declare that I will not be taken down by a simple cold and that darn it, I can beat this! Look at dog, who stares at me with a cocked eyebrow. Terriers are so judgemental.

1215: finally drag myself out of bed and into a piping hot shower. Muse that if I stayed in the shower forever, I’d be able to breathe through my nose. Realize that living in the shower would lead to wrinkly skin. Grumble accordingly.

1230: Back in business! Hair done! Make-up on! I now resemble a slightly sleep deprived but respectable woman instead of the zombie that lurched out of bed this morning. By this point I have upgraded from pajamas to yoga pants. I consider this a victory.

100: Three cups of tea and a peanut butter sandwich later I’m as far as the couch! Take that, cold.


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from Canadian House and Home

Day one of my self-imposed pilates blitz went well. Day two, not so much. My abs hurt in places I didn’t know they could hurt. But that is a good sign, yes? I gave them a good workout and activated all those muscles that spent months in lazy slumber. Or perhaps I angered them. Yes, that seems far more likely. I’m going to do carry on with day two of pilates today in hopes that the achy muscles will be appeased with more abuse. Or something. Maybe a hot bath in a beautiful tub like the one above would help. I imagine this is all normal when it comes to getting back into shape, there’s days I’ll be sore and I’ll have to just keep stretching and working on it. Easier said than done.

Also, it hurts to laugh.

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photo by Nick Thorton (isn't he so talented?)

I’m not one for making New Year’s Resolutions. Not because I don’t have goals, but because NYRs seem to be things that people make and then break by the end of January. And so people expect you to break them. You’re off the hook. I have to trick myself into sticking with my goals, so I refrain from using the NYR title. Instead, I’m setting some ongoing health goals for myself. Hear that brain? HEALTH GOALS. That means you HAVE to achieve them, or we’ll both suffer.

My main goal is to do 30min of pilates every day. Pilates, you ask? Didn’t that go out of fashion in about 2003, to be replaced by hot yoga? Back when pilates was chic, I invested in the Windsor pilates dvd trio, and I have to say, it was worth it. The three workouts are of different lengths (25min, 35 min, 60min) and intensities. My goal is to try to do the 30min workout every day (or at least 5x a week). I set the goal because A) I’m lazy, B) I’m soon to be an RN and should practice what I lecture, and C) my back commonly feels as though it’s been twisted like a pretzel. So in order to strengthen my core and support my back I’m going to try to stick with this scissor-kicking, ab-crunching mania for the next few months. My hope is that once I’ve rebuilt some muscle strength I won’t groan and wince every time I bend/stretch/lie down/lean/pick up anything/do anything that requires muscle movement.

So today I began my little routine. I got myself into some comfy clothes, grabbed some water and set out to start my workout. Brightly coloured and likely overpriced yoga mat, check. Definitely overpriced but essential pilates dvd, check. Dog biting my hands and feet that flail around with every exercise move, check.

Let’s just say it was a long 30min.

For interests sake: here’s a couple interesting posts. This one is about ways to recycle an old yoga mat, and this one is how to set up your own yoga/pilates studio in your home.

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