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This weekend we did a little exploring, as usual. We try to do at least 2-3 long hikes during the week and then a daily walk around the neighbourhood with Sherlock so that we all get enough fresh air and exercise. And so, for your consideration, I give you some photos of our weekend stroll on the beach with Sherlock. The beach is along the coast near the city, and looks out across the Salish Sea to the mountains in Washington State.

The water is crystal clear and also very, very cold. The beach is covered in polished stones and oddly enough, makeshift shelters that people have constructed out of driftwood. I didn’t take a photo of the driftwood “house” we passed because the inhabitant was out front and didn’t seem like he wanted company. Next time, next time…

It’s a popular beach for dog-walking, and although lots of dogs hit the water for a polar bear swim, Sherlock was dubious. He got into the water to about halfway up his legs and then promptly barked at the water and jumped back onto the beach. It’s strange that he has webbed toes, but doesn’t seem to much like the idea of swimming.

The light at the beach was beautiful, the sky was gray but there was so much light reflecting off the water that it was still bright enough to take photos. I think my favourite is the one above, in which it appears Sherlock is approaching the edge of oblivion.

How was your weekend?


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from Apartment Therapy: The Kitchn's House Tour Archive

from Apartment Therapy: The Kitchn's House Tour Archive

Well, I’m back after three days in the USA for a little shopping. I mostly tagged along for a trip away and to give Nick some space (he’s studying for finals this week). It was a successful weekend, I found some things I’d been searching for up here such as yellow tights, a long hoodie and some cute graphic t-shirts, as well as a thing or two for Nick. We try to keep gifts to a minimum as we’re not really into the material side of Christmas, but I did pick up something that I know he’ll find enjoyable and useful. I also had a few other tricks up my sleeve but can’t reveal them until after xmas. I also finished making all of the craft gifts I planned to make, including six crocheted toques, a neckwarmer and some arm-warmers. I’ll post about those another day.

Tonight is our dinner party, so I’m off to bake a cake and do some last minute cleaning. Enjoy your day!

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Sunday hike.

photo by Nick Thornton

photo by Nick Thornton

We’re doing well keeping up with our fall list, we’ve been to see the Tibetan sand mandala exhibition (if you ever get a chance to see this in person, GO! Words cannot describe. And also they wouldn’t let me take photos in the art gallery. Sigh.) and this past Sunday we checked off “Go for a hike up Lone Tree Hill”. I have the sore thighs to prove it.


It’s a beautiful mountain to hike and it was great exercise. Sherlock made Nick and I look bad, he was running up and down the mountain and would occasionally stop and stare at us, as if to say “What’s the hold-up? C’mon guys, PICK UP THE PACE!”


The sky was gray and it started raining on our way back down, so the photos aren’t as spectacular as I hoped. But the view from the top certainly is spectacular and worth the hike. It’s high enough that you can see 360 degrees out to the mountains across the water and all of Victoria in the distance. At the top you’re above the sounds of traffic and sirens, and the air is crisp and cold and smells of wood smoke. Gorgeous.

I’m hoping we can do this hike every week or so, not just for the exercise for us and for the four-legged beast, but because it helps to break up the cycle stress and bustle during the week. I feel like I need to try to keep more balance in life to keep from getting overwhelmed and downtrodden as life gets more and more hectic. It’s so easy to get swept up in the “to-dos” and deadlines and forget to take time to check in with yourself and your loved ones. I suppose that that’s another thing to add to my own personal list: take more time. There’s always a few minutes available in the day to give that extra hug, ask about someone’s day, or sip some tea on the porch and breathe in the crisp fall air. It’s always, always worth it.

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Dog park day.

As often as possible, we try to get out on Sundays and head to a park or beach somewhere in town (or out of town if we’re feeling up for a drive). Often we take our little mutt to the dog park at Elk Lake. The scenery is beautiful, with paths that weave through the woods complete with trinkling creeks and tall trees, and it has a huge fenced-in field for the dogs to run and play. Needless to say, our dog loves it.


And plus, if we don’t take him out for a good romp, he starts to get this face (above), which is usually followed by heavy sighs and whines. I know he’s thinking, “It sure would be nice if someone would take me to the park. AHEM. AHEM. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.” Et-cetera.


This is Sherlock doing reconnaissance, i.e. finding a big dog to knock Mama over with. His idea of a fun time is to find a big dog, encourage it to chase him, and then he hides behind me. Nine times out of ten I get knocked over by some adorable but heavy mastiff or Labrador retriever. Oh well, this is why we have a washing machine.


The woods are quiet and thick, so it’s not often you run into anyone else. The sounds of crackling leaves and chirping birds are a nice change from the annoying sounds of the city.


It’s such a nice way to wrap up a weekend, winding down rather than winding ourselves up before the week begins. We have enough going on during the week that we don’t need any more winding up…

IMG_1851 - Copy

Just before we headed home. That is one happy and exhausted dog.

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