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The countdown.

Ridiculously cute calendar from My Zoetrope's Etsy Shop

The final countdown has begun.  In just 12 short weeks I will be a free woman, and finished nursing school! I’ve started working on my nursing resume (which is pathetically bare, but I’m just starting out so what can you do…) and have been contacting some hospitals for information about opportunities for new graduates. Most of the hospitals I’m applying to are within a few blocks of each other, so our goal is to find an apartment within walking distance so that I can walk rather than use the car. I’d like to significantly reduce the amount of driving I do since the traffic in Vancouver is even worse than here (if you can believe it) and walking is a much healthier option for myself and the planet.

Nick and I have already started deciding what to take with us when we move and what to sell/donate. Most of our furniture is coming with us, and the few things that won’t be were mostly second hand buys anyway. Plus Vancouver has TWO Ikeas and a myriad of other local home shops. I can’t wait to decorate our new apartment, to have our own space again, and to have a whole new city to explore.  Vancouver is full of  museums, galleries, aquariums and the like, and has spades of quirky hole-in-the-wall places to discover. I’m hoping to do more writing and have more inspiring things to talk about on here, but between the final push for school and the dismal weather, there’s little time to be inspired lately.

I hope this year will live up to all the positive expectations I have for it; this change in my life has been a long time overdue. Good things, 2010, bring us good things!


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Well! I’m finished the last academic semester of my degree! Only 12 weeks of clinical practice and I’ll be finished my entire Bachelor’s in Nursing degree. Words can hardly express how happy I am to be so close to the end. The above photo was taken after Nick and I reached the top of an absolutely grueling hike, which symbolically is not unlike nursing school.  It doesn’t matter that halfway through I wanted to give up, and I reached the top wheezing and slightly dizzy. Also I couldn’t feel my legs. But the point is I got there, in one piece and with (most) of my sanity intact.

So, in order to celebrate, a few things are in order:

  • sleep! Possibly for several days. I may even just make a nest of blankets in my bedroom and hibernate there until I see fit to reenter the civilized world.
  • bake! I’m planning on baking for a dessert potluck that’s coming up, baking for Nick and I and also baking up some Xmas gifts. I’m sticking to my handmade pledge and so I’m baking up a whole bunch of different delectables (I’ll post photos here and include recipes, I promise).
  • crochet! I’ve been making some winter woolies for myself and also as Xmas gifts for family members. I’ll post more on that this week as well, I’ve got a few projects already finished and some others on the go.
  • take photographs. I have been taking more in an effort to expand my photographic abilities, but with the last few weeks consumed with school work it’s been difficult to get out with my camera and experiment like I planned to.

So, a glorious weekend of revelry awaits and I’m going to go and enjoy it. Enjoy yours as well!

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Weekend reprieve.

photo taken by my talented mother

I cannot believe how much there is to do in the coming week, so I’m hiding away this weekend to try and accomplish everything in time. I’m stressed but also very excited, because this is the last week of my last academic semester. Only four short months and I’m finished the degree that nearly robbed me of my sanity and faith in human-kind. It has not been an easy four years.

I hope that next year will bring all the good things that I’ve been waiting for like graduation, a well-paying job, a new apartment, and most of all TRAVEL. It’s been far too long since I’ve been out of the country and if I thought I had the travel urge before, my cabin fever now knows no limits. I’m certain that if someone gave me a free plane ticket to Mogadishu at this point I’d take it. But I digress, I plan to hide away this weekend finishing off the last few projects of the semester and then I’m going to take a long bath and drink some tea. Enjoy your weekend as well!

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I'd link to where I found this, but I can't remember where I got it.

This picture symbolizes exactly where I’m at this week. I have so many things to do. There’s papers, presentations, critiques, tests and evaluations that are all due within the next three weeks. Save me.

So in order to cope with the stress, I’ve been medicating with food. Cupcakes, regular cakes, muffins, sweet rice pudding and coffee coffee coffee coffee and coffee. I’ll need a detox before the holiday season even arrives, just fabulous.


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First fall weekend.

I have to admit that I am so happy that the fall weather is starting to arrive in here in Victoria. The leaves are just starting to fall and the weather is getting cooler. I’m hoping for a rainy day or two this week, which gives me the perfect excuse to curl up with some chai tea and read my stack of books!


I stopped off at the library this weekend and nabbed a few books to keep me busy (as if writing papers, reviewing literature and doing research doesn’t keep me busy enough, le sigh…). Our local library normally has a great selection of books, but this weekend everyone else must have had the same “books-and-tea” idea because all the books I wanted were checked out. I’ve already finished the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, which was a pretty darn good read. The other two I haven’t started yet  because a few university papers got in the way, how tedious…


Nick and I went for coffee at our local haunt, and had some amazing chai soy lattes. That soy latte was so delicious I could have drank about six of them, but my self-preservation stopped me. I’m already celiac, I don’t need to be diabetic too…

espressoSpeaking of diabetes, I’d love one of these espresso makers with a milk steamer, but it would take up an awful lot of counter space.

The rest of the weekend was spent at the dog park and at the Red Barn Country Market, one of my favourite places to shop for fresh veggies and other groceries. I should have taken some photos, but I think I’ll wait until fall really kicks into gear and I’ll go back with my camera to capture all the beautiful fall colours.

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